A man behind the success with the utmost dedication, professionalism and high quality vision got the company recognition in the corporate sector in a short span of time.

Leading from the front with the business strategies in the world of fast growing field of consultancy  made him one of the best best choice for his client when looking for the quality service.

Setting a benchmark to others as an Young and Dynamic Director of the Global Company with high success leaving his footprints in the Corporate Business World.

Handling the network from India and reaching globally leaving the impact in many countries like US,UK and Middle East etc in a short period of time is really commendable and appreciable.

A supportive nature and a down-to earth personality made him a trustworthy Service Provider, Leader, and a team player.

Leading his team from the front has achieved the global recognition not only in India but also leaving his marks in Countries like Srilanka, Dubai and Kuwait.

His Unique style of working with the fast and time bounded results is getting him more and more  clients day to day globally.

Facing and solving the challenges optimistically is one of the forte to learn from him to achieve success.

Apart from the business he is an Elite professional athlete who train hard to achieve his personal passion in athletics setting high goals striving day to day.

Working on the fitness, not only of the mind but the body is the secret what he thinks should be  adapted by everyone to be focused and healthy.

Not only self training but he also motivates people by taking a initiative to organize many of fitness events & competitions like trekking,marathon and jungle safari.

A very few knows but he himself has participated and won in many of the recognized championships  showcasing his talent.

A passionate trekker with an off road jungle safari personality who have participated and visited many jungle camps .

Encouraging the young generation to get out and explore the wildlife and nature instead of couch potato.

Getting the time from the busy and day to day corporate life he also trains the young and upcoming kids in the athletics and  marathon.


Calm composed mind with superfit health is the secret to success

– Faruk Mulla